Michigan Townships Association

Township of Excellence

MTA created the “Township of Excellence” designation program to recognize those townships that go above and beyond in their services to their residents, and that are governed by a township board that embraces best practices and acts strategically to deliver quality programs and services to accomplish community-driven goals.  township of excellence award

This program isn’t a competition—townships aren’t competing against other townships. The board is competing against itself, challenging their township to serve residents in the best possible way.

To qualify as a Township of Excellence, an applicant township must demonstrate superior processes and outcomes in governance, along with adherence to best practices involving its statutory duties of financial stewardship, assessing, tax collection and election administration, and excellence in emergency services, land use management and economic development, transportation, utilities, and cemeteries (if the township provides any of those services).

The process is rigorous and challenging—and absolutely worth it. When a township is named a Township of Excellence, not only will the township receive a distinguished honor, but this designation helps create an identity and sense of community pride for residents and business leaders.

A township may apply for the full designation as a Township of Excellence, or for a Certificate of Achievement for one or more individual sections.

If a township submits an application for a full designation, but does not meet the criteria for all of them, the township has the option to receive the certificate of achievement for the section(s) it has completed. A township may work toward a full designation within a township term by applying for one or more sections at a time.

Townships must reapply for each township term in which they wish to receive an award. If documentation from a previous application is still current, that documentation does not need to be resubmitted. 

Award Winners

Delta Charter Township (Eaton Co.)

2020-2024—Township of Excellence

2016-2020—Township of Excellence

2012-2016—Township of Excellence

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spring lake township

Spring Lake Township (Ottawa Co.)

2020-2024—Township of Excellence

2016-2019—Township of Excellence

2012-2016—Township of Excellence

2008-2012—Certificate of Achievement in Governance, Financial Stewardship, Assessment Administration, Tax Collection, Election Administration, Land Use Management & Economic Development, Transportation, Utilities, Cemeteries

2004-2008—Certificate of Achievement in Assessment Administration, Tax Collection, Election Administration, Land Use Management & Economic Development, Transportation, Cemeteries

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union township sign

Union Charter Township (Isabella Co.)

2008-2012—Certificate of Achievement in Utilities, Emergency Services

van buren township sign

Van Buren Charter Township (Wayne Co.)

2016-2019—Certificate of Achievement in Election Administration

Waterford Charter Township (Oakland Co.)

2016-2019—Certificate of Achievement in Financial Stewardship, Tax Collection, Election Administration, Emergency Services, Utilities, Transportation and Cemeteries