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Today’s students are the local leaders of tomorrow. Educating students about the role and importance of local government is essential in inspiring future public servants. Sharing lessons about the value and services that townships offer—from fire and police protection to elections, from local libraries to area parks—can instill in students a greater understanding and appreciation of the local government that impacts their daily lives, and cultivate greater civic pride and engagement. Below are some tools for you to take into the classroom!

Elementary lesson plans

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades

Middle school curricula

Out and About Locally

Title: Out and About Locally

Theme: Citizen Responsibility and Participation at the Local Level

Download Unit 1 Worksheets 1 – 6

Who's who in Local Government

Title: Who’s Who in Local Government

Theme: How are local governments organized and what role do they play?

Download Unit 2 Worksheets A – G

Who's Got the Power

Title: Who’s Got the Power?

Theme: Who has the power…the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of local government?

Download Unit 3 Worksheets 1 – 8

Service with a Smile

Title: Service with a Smile

Theme: Real-world examples of how local government plays a role in the everyday lives of its citizens.

Download Unit 4 Worksheets

Let's Reuse

Title: Let’s Reuse

Unit 5

What do we do with out Doo-Doo

Title: What do we do with our doo-doo?

Theme: Understanding the roles of those who serve in local township government

Download Unit 6 Worksheets

Where can you Find Justice

Title: Where can you find justice?

Theme: Organization and workings of the local court system

Download Unit 7 Worksheets

Young kids in class

Middle school lesson plans

Local Government's "Piece of the Pie0"

Title: Local Government’s “Piece of the Pie”

Theme: Applying the universal purposes of government to all levels (local, state, national) to illustrate that the local level of government can be the most effective because it is the most personal and clearly tied to the people for which it serves.

Download Handout A & B

Application of current events to the role of local government

Title: “Take that, you Swine!” An application of current events to the role of local government

Theme: The application of a current event and the government’s role at each level (local, state, national) to illustrate one of the purposes of government—the promotion of the common good.

Download H1N1 Newspaper Article

High school curricula

Get Involved

Title: Get Involved!

Theme: What roles do citizens play in local government

MCF Benchmark: Explain why people may agree on democratic values in the abstract but disagree when they are applied to specific situations.


The Law in Your Community

Title: The Law in Your Community

Theme: What kinds of ordinances are made at the local level

MCF Benchmark: Evaluate how effectively the federal government is serving the purposes for which it was created.