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MTA provides a unified voice for Michigan townships on both the state and federal levels. The Association influences legislation, policy and regulations by representing townships before the Legislature, the executive office and state agencies. Each day, MTA advocates for local authority that the broadest spectrum of township officials need to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life for half of all Michigan residents. Our Government Relations staff appears before legislative standing and special committees and represents townships on numerous statewide task forces.

Legislative Policy Platform
MTA’s Legislative Policy Platform is a adopted by our membership each year at the MTA Annual Meeting, and offers a road map for legislative priorities for the upcoming year.
Friends of MTA
Friends of MTA mission statement:  Formed in 1982, Friends of MTA exists to assist in the nomination and/or election of candidates who are responsive to local government issues and concerns. Specifically, it is the mission of the Friends of MTA to strengthen our legislative influence by supporting electable candidates that are supportive of township government and who support the majority of issues contained in the MTA Policy Platform. What is Friends of MTA? Established in 1982, Friends of MTA is an important resource that allows MTA to assist township-friendly candidates running for the Legislature. Friends of MTA only contributes to candidates running for the state House and Senate and not other state, federal, judicial or local candidates. Why contribute to Friends of MTA? Your contribution to Friends of MTA provides the financial resources that are necessary to help elect legislative candidates who will fight for township government. How do I become a Friend of MTA? Donating to Friends of MTA is an individual decision, not a township decision. Financial contributions of any amount are valued and appreciated. Township officials’ contributions are recognized in the Michigan Township Focus and at the MTA Annual Conference & Expo at four different levels:
  • Platinum level, a contribution of $1000 or more
  • Gold level, a contribution of $500-$999
  • Silver level, a contribution of $250-$499
  • Bronze level, a contribution of $100-$249
  • Membership level, a contribution of $1-$99
Contribute today by sending a personal check or credit card to:
Friends of MTA
PO Box 80078
Lansing, MI 48908-0078
Download the Friends of MTA Donation card and return it to MTA at the address provided or donate to Friends of MTA online.
Who can contribute?
  • All elected township officials—supervisors, clerks, treasurers and trustees
  • Planning commission chairs, zoning board chairs and zoning administrators
As a Friends of MTA member, what do I do? You are Friends of MTA’s eyes and ears on the ground. Your participation is critical. Friends of MTA counts on you to provide us with insight into the important issues, candidate positions on those issues and basic word on the street. All of this impacts who can win a race. How is the money used? Friends of MTA provides money to legislative candidates (Democrats and Republicans) who share our philosophical view and who support issues of importance to the Association. Friends of MTA money also allows MTA government relations staff to participate in legislative fundraisers, providing an additional opportunity to talk with legislators and to lobby on present issues. Can Friends of MTA really make a difference? Yes! There are more than 6,500 township officials in Michigan. If all members participated with an annual contribution, Friends of MTA would have a tremendous impact in Lansing. The more opportunities our government relations team has to communicate with legislators helps us spread the word that township governments are efficient, effective and economical.
Who can I contact if I have further questions? Please see your MTA district director, Friends of MTA board member or contact one of the government relations lobbyists. Friends of MTA needs your support and involvement.
Be an Advocate

Legislators listen to their constituents—and your voice as a local official matters. No one can tell your township’s story—and the impact legislation will have on your community—better than you. Establishing connections with your state leaders can have a tremendous impact on the political process, and the laws that shape our state.
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The MTA Legal Defense Fund defends Michigan townships against litigated threats to their authority and fiscal stability. A critical member service, the LDF protects against a court cases with the potential to have significant impact on the operations and authority of townships across Michigan.
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Capital Conference

This full-day educational and networking event provides you the opportunity to learn the latest on legislative issues impacting townships, as well as interact with legislators and network with fellow township officials.

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