Michigan Townships Association

Be an Advocate

meeting with legislatorHow being an advocate helps both you and MTA

MTA’s Government Relations team maintains a constant presence with the Michigan Legislature. The staff meets with legislators, monitors committees, and stays a part of the action on a daily basis. But, MTA Legislative Liaisons are MOST effective when MTA members back them up at home by contacting their legislators directly.

Legislators listen to their constituents. Their primary responsibility as elected officials is to meet the needs of the citizens they represent. After all, YOU helped put them in office. Therefore, when it is essential to contact legislators on an issue and “time is of the essence,” MTA contacts member townships for help. An action alert will be sent to township officials by email.

When our members do respond to our requests for help in contacting legislators and letting them know the concerns of townships and how we stand on the issues, we ask that they also let MTA know that they did contact their legislator and if it is possible to share a copy of their correspondence with MTA. It is greatly appreciated.

Grassroots Lobbying Guide

For township officials interested in how they can be more effect in lobbying efforts, we have prepared a Grassroots Lobbying Guide for Township Officials to provide them with some essential tools needed to be effective in lobbying. You can download it or view it online.