Michigan Township Association

Sand and gravel mining oversight preemption

Help MTA oppose efforts to strip local oversight over sand and gravel mining operations

Legislative efforts to strip township authority and oversight of sand and gravel mining operations  have threatened your community’s ability to regulate aspects of operations that impact your residents and the environment. MTA strongly opposes any preemption assault on local control by the mining industry, including past efforts that would have allowed state takeover on matters of a local concern—how operated locally, where located locally, how addressed issues locally.

These issues are better addressed through local zoning ordinances.

If you do not have any aggregate mines in your community, these efforts are yet another example of legislative efforts to erode local authority and preempt your township’s ability to best serve your residents and community. Any threat to local control must be met with opposition, with township voices sharing the importance of local democracy by the government closest to the people. 
Local governments must maintain their existing authority regarding mining operations and are best equipped to balance the needs of residents with the impact of mining operations. The majority of Michigan residents agree—more than 78% of residents oppose eliminating local approval.