Michigan Townships Association

Don’t silence local voices to achieve renewable energy goals

Legislation to eliminate ALL local authority over the location and permitting of utility-scale wind and solar facilities in communities has not yet been introduced. While MTA was told the bills would be introduced in the House in early September, the introduction date has now been moved back to the first or second week of October. The legislation would move the permitting of utility-scale renewable energy facilities from the local level to the Michigan Public Service Commission. MTA strongly opposes any efforts to silence the voices of local officials and residents over issues that have real, long-lasting impacts in their communities. While these can be incredibly contentious in some areas of the state, the answer is not to create a one-size-fits-all approach. MTA understands the need, and the desire, for renewable energy—and many townships across the state are already home to renewable energy facilities—by their choice.

MTA needs your help to ensure that communities and Michiganders keep their voice on these important local decisions. MTA asks members to begin conversations with their state representative and senator on the need to retain your township’s role in the process. Read an MTA statement on this issue here.

Watch MTA publications for more information once the legislation is introduced.