Michigan Townships Association

Don’t silence local voices to achieve renewable energy goals


The following is an MTA statement in response to Gov. Whitmer’s comments on Aug. 30 and pending legislation on moving renewable energy siting from local communities to the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Utility-scale renewable energy siting can be an incredibly contentious topic in communities across the state. But the answer is not to take away local governments and residents’ say about issues and decisions that have very real, lasting and potentially dramatic impacts for their community. Attempts to strip away local authority are becoming more and more common. No one knows a community—and its wants and needs—better than residents and the local officials they elect to represent and serve them. We understand the need, and the desire, for renewable energy. Many townships across the state are already home to renewable energy facilities—by their choice. We will work to ensure that communities and Michiganders keep their voice on these important local decisions.