Michigan Townships Association

Flushing Charter Township clerk earns credential in township governance

Flushing Charter Township (Genesee Co.) Clerk Wendy Meinburg has taken the next step to further enhance the effectiveness of her township by completing the Michigan Townships Association’s (MTA) Township Governance Academy (TGA). Through her participation in the intensive education program, Meinburg was able to learn enhanced tools and decision-making processes that can help positively impact her community for years to come.

Meinburg was among the members of the Academy “Graduating Class of 2022” honored on stage during a recognition ceremony held this spring at the Association’s Annual Conference in Lansing. The Academy helped Meinburg develop an elevated appreciation and knowledge of local government operations and decision-making. “By completing the program, I feel I have a great knowledge base to work from,” she said. “Being a public servant is a continually changing and challenging position. As a graduate of TGA, I hope to tap into the education I have gained to help my board and residents move through these challenging times in government. The more information we gain and the contacts you make along the way can only strengthen the community.”

TGA is a voluntary credentialing program intended to provide township board members and other local leaders with cutting-edge knowledge and expanded skills needed to assist in making more effective decisions for the benefit of their township. The Academy, which challenges candidates to tie together learning and practical experience, consists of 11 courses and includes a requirement for elective credits.

Created and administered by the MTA Knowledge Center, this program is designed to professionally challenge township officials by offering new ideas, sharing best practices and providing a hands-on approach to dealing more effectively with everyday issues that the board may face.

Meinburg was first elected clerk in 2016, after serving as an election inspector for 12 years. She is president of the Genesee County MTA Chapter, and previously served as the chapter’s treasurer. A member of the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC) and vice president of the Genesee County Governmental Clerks, Meinburg is a 2021 graduate of the MAMC Michigan Professional Municipal Clerk program. She is a member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, serving on its Alterguild and Call Committee.

Meinburg considers herself fortunate to serve her community—and works to continually enhance and expand her knowledge in helping to lead Flushing Charter Township.

“I have been blessed to be a public servant who helps the community that I love and live in,” she said. “I work with a board that values education and recognizes the benefits the TGA program provides, not only to me as a clerk but to the residents we represent.”