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Our Conference On-Demand is an excellent option—and an incredible value. You can catch all the action on the main stage and watch all 10 recorded classes when (and where!) it works best for you. 

In person registrants can add the Conference On-Demand option for only $50. It’s a great way to make the most of your time at Conference and get online access to watch (and re-watch) sessions when, and where, it works best for you! 

Here’s what you’ll get: 

From the Main Stage:  Opening Session, General Session and Annual Meeting

Key Breakout Sessions*:  We’re recording 10 sessions covering timely township topics, so you’ll get the important education and information that you need, when it fits your schedule.

Sessions* Include:

We’ve all said something at a meeting, in an email or on Facebook that we wish we had said differently. Gain insights from an experienced municipal litigator on how such communications can negatively impact you and your township in litigation. Learn what you can do to reduce the risk of it coming back to bite you in court, how to handle the records, and some suggestions on how to avoid getting yourself into this situation in the first place.

Speaker: Michael Berger, Attorney, Rosati, Schultz, Joppich & Amtsbuechler, PC

Blight affects all townships, big and small, rural and urban. From overgrown weeds to dangerous structures, we’ll discuss ways your township can be proactive in the blight fight. Take away tools for your enforcement toolbox, including penalties for violations and tips for clean-up. Ensure that your township continues to be a beautiful place to live, work and play.

Speaker: Seth Koches, MTA Legal Counsel, Bauckham, Thall, Seeber, Kaufman & Koches, PC

Emergencies are unpredictable. They can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Advanced prep and planning for how you’ll respond to the media frenzy is a must. And what you say is just critical as how you say it. We’ll offer insights into the realities of crises based on real life experience and preparedness tips that help ensure you’re messaging the situation appropriately.

Speaker: Hayley Bierkle Burns, Partner, River Strategies

Are you looking for ways to turn down the heat in your township meetings or public hearings? Are controversial, emotionally charged meetings keeping you from holding productive discussions? Learn steps you can take and policies you can make to better manage rising tempers and temperatures so you can get your township team back on track during meetings.

Speaker: Seth Koches, MTA Legal Counsel, Bauckham, Thall, Seeber, Kaufman & Koches, PC

Hear directly from the Secretary of State’s office and state Bureau of Elections on the hot issues in Michigan elections. We’ll share guidance and updates on the changes and new requirements brought about by Proposal 2022-2 and its implementation statutes, early voting lessons learned from the presidential primary, and more.

Speaker: Kristi Dougan, Manager, Training and Elections Assistance, Michigan Bureau of Elections, Michigan Department of State

You won’t want to miss this review of the renewable energy legislation, update on where we are now and what’s on the horizon. Learn how this new legislation sets statewide land use standards for wind, solar and battery storage facilities and what’s next with local siting. We’ll offer insights into the various options available to your township, the impact on your township’s ordinances as well as the ability to address public safety and infrastructure considerations.

Speakers: Rob Thall and Catherine Kaufman, MTA Legal Counsel, Bauckham, Thall, Seeber, Kaufman & Koches, PC

When there’s a hot topic on the ballot— perhaps a millage increase or a marijuana ordinance—townships and their elected officials can find themselves unsure of what they can lawfully say or do. Can the township respond to incorrect campaign statements? Can township board members advocate for a certain vote during public meetings? This session is a deep dive into the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, specifically Section 57. We will address how public resources can (and cannot) be used in connection with campaigns, what policymaking officials can say, and how townships can minimize the risk of campaign finance complaints.

Speaker: Laura Genovich, Attorney, Foster Swift

Do you know what the roles and responsibilities of the clerk or treasurer are? How about what reports each office is responsible for? What’s important about the way the clerk and treasurer interact on a regular basis? This session will provide a fun, interactive format where laws, best practices and myths will be discussed. Come test your knowledge!

Speakers: Cindy Dodge and Judy Bigney, MTA Member Information Services Liaisons

Lawsuits can be intimidating, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the procedures. Join this session for a comprehensive introduction to the litigation process, from understanding the fundamental terminology to navigating the path toward case resolution. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain essential knowledge as a municipal officer, enabling you to confront legal challenges with confidence.

Speaker: Heather Sumner, Attorney, Rosati, Schultz, Joppich & Amtsbuechler, PC

Typical township leadership teams are made up of hard-working, honorable, conscientious people with a genuine intent to serve. However, municipal leaders across the nation are reporting a growing need to figure out how to work together in respectful and productive ways to achieve results for the communities they serve. Identify team development strategies, detours to avoid dysfunction pitfalls, and techniques for working together to avoid and/or manage “that guy” who appears to have a need to intentionally disrupt, usually for self-serving reasons. Understand the stages of development all teams experience and actions that need to be taken in each to stay focused on collaborative results.

Speaker: Marilynn Semonick, Chief Exploration Officer, The Success Studio

*Subject to change.

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