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Bringing township governance to a new level

The Township Governance Academy (TGA) is a voluntary credentialing program intended to give township board members and other leaders the knowledge and skills needed to make effective decisions for the benefit of their township. It’s designed to professionally challenge you and enhance your experience serving in your township.

The Academy offers new ideas, shares “best practices” in township government and provides a hands-on approach to help you deal more effectively with everyday issues that your board faces. The program consists of 70 required credits, obtained by attending a curriculum of 11 courses and earning electives credits. The coursework is divided into three categories:

  • Foundations Courses (28 credits)
  • Boardsmanship Courses (24 credits)
  • Electives (18 credits)

After completing each course, TGA candidates will be asked to take the information they’ve learned a step further by trying out an idea or concept of their choosing in their township and then reporting the results to MTA. It’s a simple process, but one that will get you thinking and putting what you’ve learned into action. For more information about TGA, download an informational brochure here  or email tga@michigantownships.org.

Why enroll in TGA? We’re glad you asked! Click here for message from TGA instructor Sue Radwan, who helped MTA design this exciting, innovative credentialing program.

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