Michigan Townships Association

MPSC releases proposed draft guidance for large-scale renewable utility siting

Draft application instructions and procedures for renewable energy and energy storage facility siting pursuant to Public Act 233 of 2023 was presented by Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) staff to the commissioners and posted on the commission’s website. The draft was prepared by MPSC staff after six public meetings were held and public comments were received on initial staff proposals. Meeting recordings and presentations, and informal public comments received are listed on the MPSC Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Facility Siting webpage. Comments may be filed by July 17 and reply comments may be filed by Aug. 9. MPSC staff will also hold a public meeting on July 10 to discuss this proposal prior to the close of the initial comment period.

MTA staff and the Association’s legal counsel are reviewing the draft application instructions and procedures released in order to make necessary modifications to a model compatible renewal energy ordinance and model application that will be provided to our members.