Michigan Townships Association

YOUR engagement still needed to oppose sand & gravel mining bills preempting local control

The fight continues—please keep sharing your voice and your opposition to helpful legislation usurping local control over sand and gravel mining operations in all Michigan communities

MTA’s Director of Government Relations Judy Allen, along with numerous township officials and other local government and environmental organizations, testified before the House Regulatory Reform Committee in opposition of House Bills 4526, 4527 and 4528, which completely preempt all local authority over sand and gravel mining operations in all Michigan communities.You can find more details about the legislation on MTA’s “Sand and Gravel Mining Legislation” webpage.

“This legislation allows mining operations to go anywhere in a community—regardless of zoning,” Allen said. “These bills represent a dynamic shift from local oversight to total preemption. Mining operations occur all over the state—and each one is different. These bills create a one-size-fits-all approach and treat all communities and all operations alike.” Allen outlined numerous additional concerns with the legislation, including high noise levels, 70-foot stockpile heights near neighboring property, dust control, no say over truck routes, elimination of right of referendum, and no requirement for public hearing—to name just a few. The legislation would also eliminate any existing court decisions on mining operations. No vote was taken by the committee following more than two hours of testimony. Local issues MUST remain local—most townships have a good relationship with mining operators and operations, but as both Allen and officials told the committee, under these bills “that collaboration would no longer exist.” Further, the bills would allow current mining operations permitted by the local unit with specific requirements to transfer to state oversight without any local engagement.

MTA urges you to continue reaching out to your state representative and ask them to oppose this harmful legislative overreach that usurps communities’ and residents’ say over issues that have a direct impact on their quality of life, environment, safety and more. Your voice helps us to continue to protect your community and your residents. Sign a petition opposing the legislation and please encourage your community and residents to do so as well.

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