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MTA Allied Service Providers are companies dedicated to serving townships in Michigan. As experts in their fields, MTA posts news, enewsletters, press releases, and more for you to read and review. 



Foster Swift—Whitmer Signs Energy Bills, Restricting Facilities

Mika Meyers—Governor Signs Legislation Which Preempts Local Authority to Regulate Utility-Scale Wind and Solar Facilities


Foster Swift—Municipal Law News, Proposed Bills to Affect Energy Facilities

Mika Meyers—legislation introduced to preempt local authority on utility-scale wind and solar

Fahey Schultz—Township Law e-letter, zoning


Fahey Schultz Township Law e-letter—Robert’s Rules what you need to know


Foster Swift’s Municipal Law News–Utility-scale battery facilities, elections, Carbon Sequestration Well and more

Fahey Schultz Township Law E-Letter–Michigan Public Cemeteries: Municipal Control & Liability


Miller Canfield—DOL proposes new overtime threshold

Mika Meyers–DOL Proposes Rule to Increase Salary Threshold for Overtime Exemptions  

Mika Meyers Client Alert–A Portion of Michigan’s Budgeted Revenue Sharing Increase for Local Governments Is Conditioned Upon Obligation of ARPA Funds by Dec. 31, 2023

Miller Canfield– Will the Supreme Court Invalidate One or More Sections of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?

Mika Meyers Local Government Law Bulletin—Abandoned Cemetery Lots, Zoning Ordinances and more


Fahey Schultz–July 2023 Township Law E-Letter

Fahey Schultz, Township Law E-Letter

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