Michigan Township Association

2013 Township Focus Archive


This month’s cover story: Funding capital improvements

Additional articles include:

  • More than a makeover—a new era in MTA communications (Local View)
  • Tax collection and administration (Financial Forum)
  • Competitive bidding (Hello, MTA … ?)


This month’s cover story: Grassroots advocacy: Your voice matters

Additional articles include:

  • Local government consolidation is a local matter, but outsiders root for rationing democracy (Local View)
  • Annual budgets (Financial Forum)
  • Board Meetings (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Building a better retirement plan (Business Solutions)


This month’s cover story: Getting creative—Using the arts to create a sense of place.

Additional articles include:

  • MTA celebrates 60 years (Feature)
  • U.S. Supreme Court weighs in on ‘takings’ (Feature)


This month’s cover story—Michigan broadband: Making the connection.

Additional articles include:

  • Handling resignations (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Township history buff lauded with state honors (Feature)
  • Risk management (Business Solutions)


This month’s cover story: What’s in your plan? Envisioning your township’s future

Additional articles include:

  • Local control. Does it still mean anything? (Local View)
  • Ballot questions, resident referendum (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Bank accounts (Financial Forum)