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This month’s cover story:  Public involvement in township decision-making

Additional articles include: 


This month’s cover story:   Water and sewer rate studies: What, why—and how

Additional articles include: 

  • Community unites around township library, helps it move (Feature)
  • Special assessments to pay for police and fire (Hello, MTA…)
  • Audit documentation (Financial Forum)
  • 2022 public acts that impact townships (Inside Lansing)

This month’s cover story:   Navigating Right to Farm

Additional articles include: 

  • A winter 2023 economic conditions and outlook report (Feature)
  • Civil infraction questions answered by MTA Legal Counsel (Hello, MTA…)
  • Inside the proposed State budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 (Inside Lansing)

This month’s cover story:   Breaking the Zoning Code

Additional articles include: 

Guidance issued, questions remain on Proposal 2022-2 implementation (Feature)

Township check signatures and authorized signers (Hello, MTA…)

EITC and pension changes, affordable housing, right-to-work (Inside Lansing)

2023 MTA Conference preview