Michigan Townships Association

2024 Township Focus Archive

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This month’s cover story:  Renewable Energy in Michigan: Many Questions Remain

Additional articles include: 

  • Budgeting and planning reminders and updates for 2024 (Feature)
  • Lessons in early voting (Feature)
  • FOIA requests for meeting notes/recordings, personal information  (Hello, MTA…?) 
  • 2024 W-2/1099 filing, 457 contribution and payroll changes (Financial Forum)
  • 2024 Annual Conference & Expo details

This month’s cover story:  Michigan’s path to a prosperous future

Additional articles include: 

  • A historic honor (Feature)
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)—what it is, exemptions, making a request & more! (Hello, MTA…?
  • Two petition proposals sought for November ballot impact townships (Inside Lansing)
  • Electronic payments & township credit card usage (Financial Forum)

This month’s cover story:  Thinking green – Townships’ role in materials management

Additional articles include: 

  • Campaign Finance Act compliance: What townships and officials can—and cannot—do (Feature)
  • County Road Commission—funds, liabilities & more! (Hello, MTA…?
  • FY 2025 Executive Budget process underway (Inside Lansing)
  • Unlocking efficiency through process mapping (Financial Forum)

This month’s cover story:  Who can do what? ‘Lightening the load’ for your clerk

Additional articles include: 

  • One Team: The power of ‘green light decisions’ in your township & beyond (Feature)
  • Understanding roles & responsibilities of township board members & employees (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Legislative lowdown: A look at critical bills that MTA is following (Inside Lansing)
  • Effective audit management: A guide for townships (Financial Forum)

This month’s cover story: Meet 2024 MTA President Connie Cargill

Additional articles include: 

  • Brad Kersten receives inaugural ‘Spirit of MTA’ Award (Feature)
  • Delta Charter Township named ‘Township of Excellence’ for incredible third time (Feature)
  • Answering your questions on cemetery management ( Hello, MTA…?)
  • The township audit, the MD&A and your role in ensuring transparency (Financial Forum)

This month’s cover story: Boosting board engagement: Tips for effective meetings

Additional articles include: 

  • Bridging the digital divide: The MITTEN grant program (Feature)
  • The ins & outs of July & December board of review meetings (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Where things stand with renewable energy siting (Inside Lansing)
  • Federal regulators expand employee overtime pay requirements, ban most noncompete agreements (Financial Forum)