Michigan Townships Association

2014 Township Focus Archive


This month’s cover story: Contracts: The art of the deal

Additional articles include:

  • 2013 Legislature concludes with flurry of activity (Feature)
  • Too many Michigan local governments? Special districts make numbers sound imposing (Local View)
  • Board of reivew (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Improving controls (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: 2014 MTA President: Doug Merchant

Additional articles include:

  • Negotiations, compromise on personal property tax repeal (Feature)
  • MTA, others negotiate and compromise on persona property tax repeal (Local View)
  • Utilizing auditing firm appropriately (Financial Forum)
  • Zoning board of appeals (Hello, MTA … ?)


This month’s cover story: Drilling down into the fracking debate

Additional articles include:

  • One voice, member engagement advances MTA advocacy (Feature)
  • A united voice, member engagement advances MTA advocacy (Local View)
  • What is jeopardy assessment? (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Formal purchasing policy, check-writing procedures, board meetings (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: Land banks: Improving communities, improving the economy

Additional articles include:

  • It’s time for an EVIP overhaul (Feature)
  • Call it revenue sharing or EVIP – It’s way overdue for an overhaul (Local View)
  • Nonprofit tax exemptions (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Tax deductions and contributions (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: State of disrepair—Deconstructing Michigan’s roads

Additional articles include:

  • Townships are instrumental to good local roads (Feature)
  • Not their responsibility, but townships are instrumental in good local roads (Local View)
  • Vendors (Financial Forum)
  • Board meetings (Hello, MTA … ?)


This month’s cover story: Changing times—Planning for an aging population

Additional articles include: 

  • To townships, people are not just ‘customers’ (Local View)
  • Meeting notes, governmental immunity (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Banking deposits (Financial Forum)
  • Never forget: Township hosts traveling veterans memorial (Feature)
  • A helping hand: Employee assistance programs can boost moral, productivity (Business Solutions)


This month’s cover story: Cultivating community—Growing food, connections with local gardens

Additional articles include: 

  • Locals’ broken finances rooted in 20th-century reforms (Local View)
  • Township rallies together to complete fire station project (Feature)
  • Tax payments (Financial Forum)
  • Signing checks (Hello, MTA…?)


This month’s cover story: Is your township a resilient community?

Additional articles include:

  • Primary results align well with MTA legislative goals (Local View)
  • Inspiring tomorrow’s local leaders (Feature)


This month’s cover story: Inside Election 2014

Additional articles include:

  • Mastering competencies to solve contemporary challenges (Local View)
  • Election day (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Internal controls (Financial Forum)
  • An U.P.-lifting experience (Feature)


This month’s cover story: Preventing harassment in the workplace

Additional articles include:

  • Property tax exemptions disrupt local finances, create unfairness (Local View)
  • Delta Charter Township is a ‘Township of Excellence’ (Feature)
  • Pension plans (Financial Forum)
  • Public meetings (Hello, MTA … ?)


This month’s cover story: Put the gloves down—Keeping board meetings civil

Additional articles include:

  • Members at MTA Annual Meeting drive Association’s policy platform (Local View)
  • The art of township leadership (Feature)
  • Flex spending accounts (Financial Forum)
  • Commercial vehicles (Hello, MTA … ?)