Michigan Township Association

2016 Township Focus Archive


This month’s cover story: Examining trends to predict future fiscal needs

Additional articles include:

  • MTA-PAC to discontinue endorsing candidates (Local View)
  • GIS technology: A life-saving tool for township fire departments (Business Solutions)
  • Serving as clerk is part of family legacy (Feature)
  • MTA’s 2016 Proposed Legislative Policy Platform
  • Rezoning applications (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • W-2 forms (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: Introducing 2016 MTA President Doug Mansfield

Additional articles include:

  • State must let local leaders lead (Local View)
  • MTA fights for fix to ‘gag order’ law (Inside Lansing)
  • Honoring our long-serving township officials (Feature)
  • Single State Construction Code (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Purchasing and check-writing procedures (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: What’s brewing with liquor license regulation

Additional articles include:

  • Organizations champion informed electorate (Local View)
  • Local officials’ views on police-community relations (News & Notes)
  • Township helps preserve piece of national history (Feature)
  • Zoning board of appeals (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Special assessments (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: Deep dive into the ‘blue economy’

Additional articles include:

  • MTA advocates for townships in the courts (Local View)
  • Cemetery management goes high-tech (Feature)
  • MTA Governance Academy inspires fire department strategic plan (Best Practices)
  • Firework regulations (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Internal financial controls (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: Cleaning up—Bringing life back to brownfields & other sites

Additional articles include:

  • Towns and townships nationwide offer a united voice on federal issues (Local View)
  • New attorney general opinion impacts incompatible offices (News & Notes)
  • Coalition lawsuit successful in halting ‘gag order’ law (Inside Lansing)
  • Gov. Snyder keynotes 2016 MTA Capital Conference (Feature)
  • Township employees on township planning commissions (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Receipt of payments (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: What’s your story?  Developing a ‘sense of place’ for your township

Additional articles include:

  • Township boards must exercise strong financial governance (Local View)
  • Playful prank brings townships together for exchange day (Feature)
  • Townships proud to be part of Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail (Feature)
  • Rules for campaigning on Election Day (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Risk assessment (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: Land conservancies: Partners for place

  • Don’t forget rural, underserved & growth areas in infrastructure debate (Local View)
  • Right treatment for the right road at the right time (Business Solutions)
  • MTA heads north for successful Summit (Feature)
  • When is a deficit recovery plan necessary (Financial Forum)
  • Committee and commission meetings (Hello, MTA…?)


This month’s cover story: A tale of two townships—Community events foster local pride

Additional articles include:

  • Local democracy built on informed voters, high participation (Local View)
  • Township remembers its ‘Greatest’ resident (Feature)
  • MTA Legal Defense Fund supports cases with statewide impact (Feature)
  • Cash contributions (Financial Forum)
  • When to take the oath of office (Hello, MTA…?)


This month’s cover story: Are you prepared? Townships’ role in emergency management

Additional articles include:

  • Last century’s tax reforms now hobble local governments (Local View)
  • MTA conferences, workshops help officials master roles & responsibilities (MTA Services Spotlight)
  • Retiring officials reflect on their time in township government (Feature)
  • Millage calculations (Financial Forum)
  • When to take the oath of office (Hello, MTA…?)


This month’s cover story: What’s in your sign ordinance? 

Additional articles include:

  • New township teams come together after November election (Local View)
  • Can (or should) townships regulate employee conduct outside of work? (Feature)
  • Inspiring tomorrow’s local leaders–Students receive MTA scholarship (Feature)
  • Appointing deputies (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Budget guidelines (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story: Understanding workers’ comp

Additional articles include:

  • Township ethics start at the top (Local View)
  • Clearing the haze on the new medical marijuana laws (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Community project makes township merry and bright (Feature)
  • Payment for election workers (Financial Forum)