Michigan Township Association

2021 Township Focus Archive


This month’s cover story: Inside township government

Additional articles include:

  • Lame-duck legislative session ends with numerous bills impacting townships (Inside Lansing)
  • Township recipients in the national spotlight after receiving accolades for service to their communities(Feature)
  • Township ethical conduct (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • Uniform Chart of Accounts (Financial Forum) 


This month’s cover story: Closest to the people

Additional articles include:

  • 2020 public acts list (Inside Lansing)
  • STC releases guidance on AMAR compliance, designated assessor cost disputes (Feature)
  • May the township require employee vaccination for COVID-19?  (Hello, MTA … ?)
  • COVID-19 workplace safety resources and tips (Feature)


This month’s cover story: 2021 MTA president Peter Kleiman leads MTA in the ‘ever-changing normal’

Additional articles include:

  • Address Confidentiality Program protects addresses from FOIA (Inside Lansing)
  • Neighbors serving neighbors: Rural township exemplifies service to community (Feature)
  • COVID-19 updates and information for townships (Feature)
  • Medical marijuana (Hello, MTA …?)
  • Township deposits, bank accounts and federal insurance coverage (Financial Forum) 

April - May

This month’s cover story: Closing the digital divide: Broadband access for townships

Additional articles include: 

  • Redistricting to ensure fair U.S. House and state Senate and House districts (Feature)
  • In-person meetings allowed through April 19 (COVID-19 update, Hello, MTA…)
  • American Rescue Plan to provide aid to townships (Inside Lansing)
  • MTA’s Virtual Conference & Expo educational session line-up


This month’s cover story: Celebrating ‘Neighbors Serving Neighbors’

Additional articles include: 

  • ‘Red Book Ready’ learning series (Feature)
  • What we know now about the American Rescue Plan (Feature)
  • ‘Back to normal’ by July 1; remote work requirement lifted (COVID-19 update)
  • Local zoning under attack (Inside Lansing)


This month’s cover story:  Supporting township businesses

Additional articles include: 

  • ACT NOW! Townships have short timeframe to request COVID relief funding from state (Feature)
  • Trustee pledges half his salary to help residents in need (Feature) 
  • Townships and competitive bids (Hello, MTA … ?) 
  • MTA’s 2021 Vendor Directory


This month’s cover story: Workplace considerations in the ‘new normal’

Additional articles include: 

  • FAQs on American Rescue Plan Act (Feature) 
  • Restored historic bridge finds new home in township (Feature) 
  • Regular and special meeting differences and considerations (Hello, MTA … ?) 


This month’s cover story: Township festivals offer community, connections

Additional articles include: 

  • Updates on American Rescue Plan Act (Feature) 
  • The numbers are in: 2020 Census shows townships continue to serve majority of Michigan residents (Feature) 
  • Virtual meetings (Hello, MTA … ?) 


This month’s cover story: Battling recruitment and retention issues in the fire service

Additional articles include: 

  • Updates on American Rescue Plan Act, final rule on the act (Feature) 
  • MTA’s Robert R. Robinson Scholarship winners bring a love of public service from local government to their aspirations to serve as leaders (Feature) 
  • Solar and wind energy in your community (Hello, MTA … ?) 


This month’s cover story:  Michigan’s overlapping property tax limitations and the impact on townships

Additional articles include: 

  • Prosperity coalition touts roadmap to recovery (Feature) 
  • Election innovations gain national attention (Feature) 
  • ARPA funds: How to spend, record and accrue funds (Financial Forum)
  • Purpose of township committees (Hello, MTA … ?) 


This month’s cover story: Marijuana in Michigan

Additional articles include: 

  • MTA thanks instructor, author David Williamson for decades of service to townships (Feature) 
  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act—what it means for Michigan (Inside Lansing) 
  • Five pieces of township financial advice (Financial Forum)
  • Township board members also working as township employees (Hello, MTA … ?)