Michigan Townships Association

2022 Township Focus Archive

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This month’s cover story:  What your township attorney wants you to know

Additional articles include: 

  • Budgeting and planning reminders and updates for 2022 (Feature) 
  • Personal property tax exemption, candidate affidavit of identity updated and more (Inside Lansing) 
  • Township employees, election workers FICA and unemployment insurance (Financial Forum)
  • Surety bond options (Hello, MTA …?) 


This month’s cover story: Township use of ARPA funds broadened, simplified

Additional articles include: 

  • Chaplain program serves township public safety personnel, greater community (Feature) 
  • 2021 public acts and vetoed bills (Inside Lansing) 
  • Budget requirements and considerations (Financial Forum)
  • Township board meetings, remote meetings and COVID precautions (Hello, MTA … ?)



This month’s cover story: Funding capital improvements

Additional articles include: 

  • Using aerial imagery to improve township services (Feature) 
  • FY 2022-23 budget recommendation presented (Inside Lansing) 
  • ARPA reporting (Financial Forum)
  • How your township can—and can’t—use ARPA funds (Hello, MTA … ?)

April - May

This month’s cover story:  Renewable energy on the horizon

Additional articles include: 

  • Partnership is the new leadership (Feature) 
  • Historic supplemental bill includes hold harmless funding for townships (Inside Lansing) 
  • What types of expenditures are authorized for townships?  (Financial Forum)
  • Capital improvements using ARPA funds (Feature)


This month’s cover story:  Bill Deater leads MTA in 2022

Additional articles include: 

  • Spring Lake Township named ‘Township of Excellence’ for unprecedented third time (Feature) 
  • 22-23 MTA legislative policy platform (Inside Lansing) 
  • Meet MTA’s newly elected Board of Directors 
  • Inflation and property tax revenues, Proposal A  (Financial Forum)
  • The impact of redistricting on township elections (Feature)


This month’s cover story:  Bringing order to the disorder

Additional articles include: 

  • Projects in Michigan townships garner historic preservation honors (Feature) 
  • Ballot proof changes now in effect, funding options available for emergency authorities (Inside Lansing) 
  • July and December board of review (Hello, MTA … ?
  • Defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans  (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story:  Decoding employee classification and compensation

Additional articles include: 

  • Protecting people: New firefighter training rules impact township fire departments (Feature) 
  • State FY 2022-23 budget includes community  investments (Inside Lansing) 
  • Tax collecting, disbursements (Hello, MTA…?) 
  • Authorization to sign checks, accounts payable process  (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story:  Show me the money, grant guidelines for townships

Additional articles include: 

  • New state office focuses on rural development (Feature) 
  • Inside the Form L-4029 (Hello, MTA…?) 
  • Budgeting for your township  (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story:
Inside Election 2022

Additional articles include:

  • Inspiring tomorrow’s local leaders (Feature)
  • Taking and administering the oath of office (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Fund accounting (Financial Forum)


This month’s cover story:
Local efforts for climate resiliency

Additional articles include:

  • Welcoming new officials following the midterm election (Hello, MTA…?)
  • MTA’s new website has a new look (Feature)
  • Fund accounting (Financial Forum)
  • Legislation enacting election changes signed into law (Inside Lansing)
  • ‘Exclusionary rule’ does not apply to evidence in civil ordinance enforcement actions (Legal Review)


This month’s cover story:
Planning for the unimaginable

Additional articles include:

  • American Rescue Plan Act updates (Hello, MTA…?)
  • Inside the state’s assessment roll audit (Feature)
  • Why auditors will review board meeting minutes (Financial Forum)
  • Inside the lame-duck legislation session (Inside Lansing)