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Township Stories

Township Stories

Michigan’s townships vary a great deal–in terms of geography, population, demographics, services … you name it. But we know one thing is true–all townships have a story (or lots of stories!) to tell. Each township has successes, challenges, joys and struggles. Every township has innovations and visions as they serve their residents and businesses each and every day.

And the Michigan Townships Association wants to help tell your township’s story. Whether you are a proud elected official, or just proud of your township, we want to know what is happening in your township.

Starting a community garden?  We want to know.
Preserving the old township hall?  We want to know.
Partnering with a neighboring municipality to promote your region?  We want to know.
Conducting a survey of residents about future township programs & services?  We want to know.

We’re waiting to hear from you

We want to know your township’s story–and we’re waiting to hear from you! Your insights, experiences, suggestions and ideas could be featured in MTA’s Township Focus magazine, as part of our “Township Happenings” column. Or they could inspire a longer article or a feature on your township, or be included in cover stories. Or we may share with our followers on social media. 

You’re proud of your township, and we are, too. Let us help you tell your story. Email your story ideas, happenings in your townships, pictures, etc. to Township Focus editor Jenn Fiedler.

Need some inspiration?

We love sharing stories about township initiatives, efforts and events. Here are a few stories we’ve featured in our magazine from townships around Michigan:

Check out some examples of “Township Happenings.

Want to see your township profiled in our “Around the State” feature? Check out some past examples below and email your interest to Ashley Maher.

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Help us spread your township’s story!