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Read full Proposal 2022-2 “Protect the Vote” language

The process to implement changes because of the passage of Proposal 2022-2 has begun. This will require updates to election procedures, some of which are required for 2023 elections and some for elections in 2024 and beyond. The state Bureau of Elections will be conducting a Lean Process Improvement (LPI), much like after the passage of Proposal 2018-3. Clerk input will be sought throughout the LPI process through surveys and meetings. Watch future BOE news updates for more detailed information.

Since the passage of Proposal 2022-2 by Michigan voters in November, which enshrined numerous voting rights in the state Constitution, we know that many township officials continue to have questions on the impact of the constitutional amendment. While we await additional guidance from the state Bureau of Elections (BOE) and any additional legislative action that may be needed to implement portions of the proposal, MTA has assembled a full text version of the initiative, as it now appears in the Michigan Constitution. Read it here.