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Strategy & Innovation Retreat - October 5 & 6

This year, MTA is excited to debut an all-new retreat experience, taking you beyond what’s involved in your specific role, to a deep-dive look at issues, challenges and considerations for townships as you continue to provide—and even expand and broaden—the services, programs and value you bring to your residents. Join fellow officials from around the state on Oct. 5-6 for the Strategy & Innovation Retreat. Held at The Highlands in Harbor Springs, this retreat offers premier educational programming and excellent networking opportunities.

Online registration is now closed; please contact MTA at 517-321-6467 to inquire if space is still available.


Educational sessions:

Legislative Insights, State & Local Relationships… and Your Role
This fall’s legislative session is expected to be “fast and furious” with a wide-range of issues that could dramatically impact your role as a township official and your ability to govern. From tax and revenue to elections and local authority to environmental and energy issues, MTA Government Relations offers insights and what you can do to shape future laws as we discuss the ins and outs of the Michigan Legislature. Maximize the moment and ensure your township has the influence necessary to impact legislative policy.

Rethinking Resident Relations
As the government closest to the people, you’re more accessible. So, while you’re more likely to hear from unhappy constituents than your state and federal counterparts, those interactions can actually help you build trust. Why is that so important? The trust of your community is a reflection that you are delivering competent and empathetic services. It enables your effectiveness. Lack of it increases costs and makes desired outcomes more difficult. Identify where trust in your community relations may be lacking and assess ways to restore and maintain it. 

Housing Strategies
Is your community missing its middle? The lack of attainable housing can derail your community’s growth and economic mobility. Missing Middle building creates a sense of community by design. It’s an opportunity to add an affordable housing solution for your residents and builders alike. From parking to walkability, location to affordability, how can you tell if this type of housing element is right for your township? Join us and find out! We’ll offer redevelopment options for older neighborhoods and highlight grant and partnership opportunities.

Addressing Michigan’s Declining Population Trend
It’s no secret that population stagnation is suppressing economic growth. Michigan’s population woes have a ripple effect in communities across the state. The shortage of workers has made attracting new business a daunting uphill battle. Gain insights into the state’s initiative to reverse the trend and its impact on your community.

Attracting and Retaining Township Talent
Why do people join and stay at an organization? Is it all about the paycheck or can you create a compelling employee value proposition with other benefits? From talent pools to recognition and inclusion to rewards, tap into tools to prioritize and incentivize your brand as an employer.

Leading Redevelopment and
Revitalization Initiatives

Redevelopment and revitalization efforts can create economic growth, transform underutilized properties into productive spaces and reverse declining property values. However, they must be carefully implemented to avoid displacement of longtime residents and businesses. Well-planned efforts lead to sustainable growth and meet the needs of your residents and businesses. Join the discussion on what works (and doesn’t) for envisioning, creating and maintaining attractive places to live, work and play.

True Costs and Impact of Community Development
Sure, you’ve got a handle on your current costs and revenues, but that doesn’t provide an accurate picture of what you might anticipate from future development. There are unforeseen impacts and unintended consequences that could come with new development. It’s important to ensure it will pay its own way in terms of public services. Do your services align with your vision? Gain insights into the factors that come into play when measuring the impact of growth on your community.

Infrastructure Initiatives
Whether you inherited aging infrastructure or need to make enhancements to support your vision, it’s no secret that infrastructure costs are staggering! As the very foundation of your community, it’s critical you understand and invest in the assets necessary to support your community today and as we move into the future.


Thursday, Oct. 5

9 a.m. – Registration check-in

9:30 a.m. – Welcome

10 a.m. – Legislative Insights &
                 Your Role

11:30 a.m. – Rethinking Resident 

12:30 p.m. – Networking luncheon

1:15 p.m. – Housing Strategies

2:30 p.m. – Vendor Showcase

3 p.m. – Addressing Michigan’s
            Declining Population Trend

4 p.m. – Attracting & Retaining Talent

6 p.m. – Crossroads dinner and
                evening activity

Friday, Oct. 6

8 a.m. – Networking breakfast

8:30 a.m. – Leading Redevelopment              and Revitalization Initiatives

10:30 a.m. – True Costs and Impact
             of Community Development

Noon – Networking luncheon

12:45 p.m. – Infrastructure Initiatives

3 p.m. – Adjourn

*Agenda subject to change;
doesn’t show breaks

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