Michigan Townships Association

Update Your Township Account with MTA

MTA is your trusted source for advocacy, education and information, but we need your help in keeping every member of your township team connected and informed. To keep your township records updated, all clerks from member townships have authorization to make changes to other individuals on the township roster. You can update contact information or roles/titles, and even add/remove officials as you have changes on your boards, commissions and staff.

If your township is planning to take advantage of MTA Online unlimited learning packages, this is even more important, as your township team members must be in the MTA database to get access to your subscription. Please notify us at education@michigantownships.org after adding any new individuals you wish to have access to your MTA Online subscription.

Follow these simple steps to view and update your township roster:

  1. Log in to the MTA website at https://my.michigantownships.org with your username (your email address on file with MTA) and password.  
  2. Once you are logged in, look for the “Members” tab, and under the drop-down menu click “My Profile”.
  3. Select the “Organizations” tab, then click “Manage” next to the township name. From this tab you may:
        1. Make edits to general township contact information under the “Overview” tab
        2. On the “Individuals” tab, you can update the contact information for officials in your township, add an individual, or request that an individual who is no longer with the township be removed from your township roster.


      • First, we recommend removing any individuals no longer affiliated with your township. If their email address will be re-used for a new individual, you’ll want to first edit the email address; you can simply change the suffix  (i.e. .com, .org, .gov) to “.old” so that we know it is an old email address and no longer in use and hit save. Then, click the yellow “End Relationship” button next to their name.
      • To add a new individual, click the green “Add New Individual” button, and complete the form fields. To ensure the new individual has access to the MTA-member website and MTA Online Learning Center, please enter a valid individual email address, and be sure to the “Create a User Profile” box is checked. MTA staff must manually approve new users before access is granted; please allow 2-3 business days for processing.
      • To make changes to an existing individual, simply click on the “Manage” button next to their name then edit as needed. Be sure to save your changes!


  1. If you are an outgoing clerk, please make all necessary changes or additions to others at your township before removing yourself from the roster. If you remove yourself first, you will be prohibited from making any further changes.
  2. When adding a new official, do NOT edit another individual’s account by changing the name. Instead follow step 1 above to “End Relationship” for the former official , then add a new individual with the new official’s name and information.
  3. Please note that in some cases, new user accounts must be processed/approved by MTA staff. When this is the case, you may experience a 1-2 day delay in being able to register your new additions, until the approval has been granted. For immediate assistance with registrations, contact us at the number below (ext. 226).

To ensure that your new users are granted access to your MTA Online  subscription, please make your updates, then email education@michigantownships.org and let us know you have made changes to your roster. Updates usually take 1-3 business days.

For general questions or issues related to adding/editing your township roster, please contact MTA directly at (517) 321-6467.