Michigan Townships Association

Vendor Directories

Looking for product or service for your township?

The Allied Service Provider Directory and Vendor Directory can be used when your township is looking for a company that provides the services you need to run your township efficiently, these listings will help you find a good fit! A vendor listing includes contact information, description of services and links to company websites.

Allied Service Provider Directory

MTA Allied Service Providers are companies that have made an additional commitment in their support of MTA and township governments. These companies are dedicated to Michigan communities, and offer programs, products and services that can help your township run efficiently. We are grateful for their involvement in the program.
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Vendor Directory

We know township officials are exceptionally busy—and when your township is looking for a new company to help you in providing the best service or product for your community, you need a quick place to turn. That’s where our Township Vendor Directory comes in. Whether your township is looking for something big—like a new attorney or planner—or something smaller—a website redesign or document services, you can find companies who know townships and have the expertise and experience you are looking for.
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