Michigan Townships Association

We will continue to fight for local voices and local authority over renewable energy siting

The following statement is in response to committee passage of House Bills 5120-5123, which preempt local authority over utility-scale renewable energy facilities in Michigan communities. Please attribute the quote to MTA Executive Director Neil Sheridan.

Many of the individuals, including township elected officials, planning commissioners and residents, who testified against House Bills 5120-5123 before the House Energy, Communications and Technology Committee this morning said it best: we are not opposed to renewable energy, but we are opposed to this overreach by the state to take away local leaders’ and residents’ say over very real, lasting issues in their communities. MTA opposes the continued efforts by the state and legislators telling Michigan’s residents that their preferences over how their community grows do not matter, that their quality of life is not important and that their voices should be silenced over issues that are in their backyards. The legislation is a blatant attack on local control, and as it moves to the House floor, and identical Senate bills have been introduced, we will continue to fight for Michigan communities and residents to ensure local voices are able to be heard.