Michigan Township Association

Spring Lake Township named Township of Excellence for an unprecedented third time

Spring Lake Township (Ottawa Co.) has been recognized for an incredible third time as a “Township of Excellence” by the Michigan Townships Association (MTA). The intensive, comprehensive program, administered by the Association, evaluates township governance, administration and programs to ensure adherence to exceptional practices in boardsmanship and in serving the community.

Spring Lake Township officials were presented with the award on April 27 before hundreds of their peers at the MTA Annual Educational Conference in Lansing. It is the first township in the state to receive the recognition for three township terms of office.

In 2014, Spring Lake Township was the first township in the state to receive the full “Township of Excellence” award—and again received the honor for a second time in 2018. Townships receive this designation after meeting a series of demanding, high-level criteria, as defined by the Association and its members. Spring Lake Township’s recognition is for its latest achievement in the 2020-2024 township board term. Current board members include Supervisor John Nash, Clerk H. Carolyn Boersma, Treasurer Jim Koster, and Trustees Ellen delaRosa-Pearn, Cathy Pavick, Ernie Petrus and Jerry Rabideau. The township is also served by Manager Gordon Gallagher.

Every member of the township plays a role in ensuring exceptional administration, services and programs—and they take pride in working together for continued community excellence. “We have excellent elected officials and a very dedicate staff, as well as volunteers who are committed, smart, dependable and stay with the township for a long time,” Nash said. “We function as a team and see the ‘Township of Excellence’ as a challenge we can, should and will achieve as a team.”


MTA defines a “Township of Excellence” as a strong, vibrant community governed by a township board that adheres to best practices to deliver quality programs and services to accomplish community-driven goals. Spring Lake Township board members and staff have demonstrated a willingness to distinguish the township through consistently meeting the highest standards of policy-driven governance; the board’s commitment to making decisions that are knowledge-based; practicing accountable delegation of responsibilities and evaluation of results; assurances of responsive constituent service; adherence to strong fiscal management; and delivering high-quality township services.

“Spring Lake Township demonstrates perfectly what professional, passionate and prepared township officials can create and steward,” said MTA Executive Director Neil Sheridan. “Spring Lake Township serves as an example for all local governments by consistently being a true ‘Township of Excellence.’ Congratulations to all members of the community for making us proud.”