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Do you find yourself referring to MTA’s ever-popular book Authorities & Responsibilities of Michigan Townships (better known as the “Little Red Book”) as your go-to resource? Then you may be interested in our “Red Book Ready” learning series.

The variety of statutory authorities of townships can be fascinating and confusing. Our “Red Book Ready” classes are designed to take you beyond the book, offering the same practical advice, in a scenario that helps you apply the knowledge to your township.

Every elected official, appointed board and committee member, even volunteers – anyone who plays a role in helping to lead their township will find these classes to be a valuable use of their time! Click here to learn more about this exciting program.

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Here’s how it works. Each chapter within the “little red book” corresponds with a class (or two!) that takes you deeper into the topics covered within that chapter. Given that classes vary widely in time and depth-from 75 minutes to several hours-you may need to take more than one to get the job done. Some classes may cover an entire chapter, or more, depending on the scope of what is being covered.

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